Discover the content management system (CMS) that powers hundreds of award-winning websites.

Features & Benefits

Sleeker and Simpler Design

Easy to Use Interface

User friendly experience for your team (no techie knowledge required!).

  • User friendly look and feel
    A contemporary and easy-to-follow interface makes the CMS intuitive for users.
  • Easy to get around
    All the options you want are exactly where you need them and ordered by importance. Less-used options are tucked away ‘accordion style’ so you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for without hassle.
Brand New Functionality

Content Editing & Publishing Made Easy

Feel completely at ease editing text, adding photo galleries, holding pages for publication, and more - all right within the editor.

  • Hold pages in queue for future publication
    Publish one website page while others remain on hold. You decide what changes go live, and what stays in staging.
  • Add/edit photo galleries with drag & drop functionality
    Upload and resize photos in a snap. As well, place photos in a staging area for later publication.
  • Make edits directly on the page
    Select and edit the text of your website directly on the page with the live text editor.
  • Add & duplicate pages
    Duplicate the content you want to build from so you don't have to start from scratch. You can also add new pages and select a parent section for them to live.
Better Management Tools

Management Tools

Manage everything from big picture website updates to smaller day-to-day changes, all from one place.

  • Analytics Dashboard
    Easily see a snapshot of your website data. Google Analytics is built directly into the CMS so you can track your website visits, top countries your traffic is coming from, browsers used, and more.
  • Full sitemap view
    See every page of your website, even hidden pages, by clicking the ‘View All Pages’ button.
  • Manage on-the-go
    With the future of mobile upon us, it’s easy to view the CMS from a tablet or mobile device so you can edit your website on-the-go.

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